Email subscription switchover

I’ve used Feedburner to allow people to subscribe to this blog via email. That service is going away, and so I just moved everyone over to MailerLite. I turned off Feedburner email, so nobody should get duplicate email.

Feedburner’s RSS service is still going, for now, but most RSS subscribers use my RSS feed without going through Feedburner.

If you’d like to subscribe to my monthly newsletter or to blog post notifications by email, you can do so here.


2 thoughts on “Email subscription switchover

  1. Not sure how exactly you achieved this but I was always getting two separate notifications about new posts here. One via email notification, and another one via RSS. It wouldn’t be unusual if they were arriving at the same time but there was always a couple hours delay between one and the other. I personally liked it – it’s hard to miss a post this way.

  2. Austin Buchanan

    I used to read all of your posts via email. Now that you have switched, the emails only show a snippet of the post (one or two sentences), making me click a link to read the full post. This takes me out of my email client and discourages me from reading. Since the switch, I have found that I read 10%of the posts. Can you make it to where the email includes the full blog post?

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