One thought on “Seed vault, but for code

  1. I first heard about this when I saw that my GitHub profile got a random badge (side note: why does everything have to have “badges” now?) indicating that I “participated” in the GitHub archive program. After looking into it, I realized that what “participated” actually means is that I contributed code to an open-source project hosted on GitHub, and they backed it up to the Arctic World Archive (

    At first I was skeptical (are future humans really going to value having a point-in-time snapshot of a random assortment of free software?), but then I realized that there’s one particular case where this project could prove not just helpful but invaluable: they are archiving software to decode various file formats. My small bugfix to libtiff might matter to a future historian / anthropologist / archaeologist (although I was fixing a security bug, so maybe it will only matter in that it keeps their future-computer from getting pwned by the Ghost of Malware Past).

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