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I have an account on Mastodon: Note that’s @math… and not @mast…

One advantage to Mastodon is that you can browse content there without logging, while Twitter is becoming more of a walled garden. You can browse my account, for example, by going to the URL

There’s hardly any content there at this time. I’m deciding what I want to use the account for.

Another advantage is that Mastodon, or at least the Mathstodon instance of Mastodon, supports LaTeX content via MathJax. This would be convenient if a thread has a few equations.

I’m certainly not going to create 18 accounts on Mastodon accounts like I did on Twitter. I’m thinking of maybe using my Mathstodon account to post highlights from my Twitter accounts, all in one account.

I’m concerned with where Twitter may be going. I do not plan to leave, though the site could change my mind.

I also have a Bluesky account, but I have no idea what if anything I’ll do with it. My handle there is

One final note: You can subscribe to this blog by email or RSS here.

Update: I found out later that Mastodon accounts have associated RSS feeds, so mine is

4 thoughts on “Mastodon account

  1. Well, I’ve decided to go all-in on Mastodon, so I followed, and look forward to seeing what you do there.

  2. Hi,
    nice to have you on the fediverse :)

    I get why you don’t want to (re)create all of your twitter accounts. But it is sad to miss these posts as they came surprisingly often to help when I encountered a problem or road block that profited from the pointers given in these posts. There happens to be no rss feed for the accounts does it?

  3. Please do. I love your posts. I moved to Mastodon and have to knock on Twitter’s doors just for posts from a couple of people I follow, one of them is you.

    You can cross-post but don’t know if the comments will also be synced.

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