Substack replacing email subscription

The service that sent out my email to blog subscribers stopped working a couple weeks ago, and I’m trying out Substack as a replacement. You can find my Substack account here.

My plan for now is to use this account to make blog post announcements, maybe once a week, with a little introductory commentary for each link. I expect to adjust course in response to feedback. Maybe I’ll write some posts just on Substack, but for now I intend to use it as a place to post blog round-ups.

The Stubstack is free and I have no intention to ever charge for it. It’s possible I might make some premium add-on in the future, but I doubt it. If I did, the blog post round-up would remain free.


4 thoughts on “Substack replacing email subscription

  1. I did not realize mass emails were so hard until I tried to do a newsletter for my website. Even sending out a few hundred and not being put on spam lists is annoyingly difficult (although understandable given all the spam messages in the world). And I imagine you might be in 5 digits for your John.

    So I get why people just do the Substack — I will likely soonish just ask people to sign up for RSS for mine and be done with it.

    There is probably a tech lesson in there somewhere. Make something available and make the consumer pull the info as needed, as opposed to doing the work to send the info to the consumer.

  2. Just a small testimonial that your blog is RSS friendly (for folks who like to consume blogs at leisure)

    I use Windows app Newsflow and get nearly daily updates

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