Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, and Biomathematics

Because they are new fields, the boundaries of bioinformatics, biostatistics, and biomathematics are blurry.


In 2000, around the time the Human Genome Project was declaring success, it was an exciting time for genetics and bioinformatics. There were great hopes that sequencing the human genome would soon lead to cures for cancer and other diseases. Biologists could now reduce biology to data and so now mathematicians and computer scientists could take over.

While the vision was exciting, the day-to-day reality was more tedious. Much of bioinformatics at the time was the science of file formats and database schema, cleaning and transforming data from one format to another.

Now we realize that while the promise of biotechnology is real, it takes work. Data cannot be tossed over to statisticians who know nothing about the science.

Our team has decades of combined experience collaborating with doctors, biologists, and other scientists. We understand the value both of specialization and of blurring the lines between traditional disciplines. We have helped numerous medical device start-ups, pharmaceutical companies, and other biotech companies bring their products to market.

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