Much of my work amounts to integration, in a broad sense and in a more narrow sense.

By the broad sense I mean integration as the word is commonly used, bringing things together and connecting them. I help bring people together by being an interpreter between technical staff and business leaders. I also help bring solution components together, such as integrating software components, particularly connecting mathematical software with general business software.

By the narrow sense I mean integration as a mathematical operation. My work in differential equations and in Bayesian statistics has required a deep theoretical and practical understanding of integration. By developing efficient algorithms for numerical integration, customized for a particular problem, I’ve been able to make a method practical to use that otherwise would not be feasible.

My experience has prepared me to be an integrator. I started my career as a math professor. I then left academia and worked as a software developer. I then worked as a statistician, combining my experience in math and in software development. As a result, I know how to speak the language of engineers, mathematicians, and statisticians, and I know how to integrate mathematics and software to create a solution.

If you’d like to discuss how I could be an integrator for your company, please let me know.