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Expert consulting

I am a consultant in applied mathematics, statistics, and technical computing. Some particular areas in which I help companies:

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My background

I completed a PhD in applied math at University of Texas and a postdoc at Vanderbilt. My research focus was non-linear partial differential equations. After my postdoc I decided to leave academia. I worked as a software developer and project manager for several years.

In 2000 I came to MD Anderson Cancer Center, first as a software development manager, then as a research statistician. My work centered around Bayesian statistics, clinical trials, and numerical algorithm development.

I now work as a consultant, combining my previous experience in applied math, statistics, and software development. I live with my wife and our four children in Houston, though work takes me around the world.

Articles and presentations

Here are some journal articles and technical reports I’ve written. See my blog for many more articles.

Here are some of the presentations I have given at conferences, universities, and businesses.

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Trusted consultants to some of the world’s leading companies

Amazon, Facebook, Google, US Army Corp of Engineers, Amgen, Microsoft, Hitachi Data Systems