Programmer hit by a bus

Programmers often express their (over)dependence on each other by asking what would happen if one of their colleagues were hit by a bus. For example, “Who is going to maintain this code if Mike gets hit by a bus?” or “That’s great that Joe can fix this, but what would we do if Joe were hit by a bus?” The figure of speech is always being hit by a bus, never any other tragedy. I suppose being hit by a bus is sufficiently unlikely that it’s safe to joke about.

I had never heard of a programmer literally being hit by a bus until this afternoon. Thomas Guest wrote about a colleague who was actually hit by a bus. Of course that makes the metaphor more serious.

There’s nothing funny about actually being hit by a bus. And I am relieved to hear that his colleague was able to return to work. But I was amused that apparently on the other side of the Atlantic they imagine folks being hit by double-decker buses based on the photo Thomas includes in his post:

red double-decker bus

When I’ve joked about coworkers being hit by a bus, I’ve always imagined something more like a Greyhound.

Greyhound bus

2 thoughts on “Programmer hit by a bus

  1. I almost got hit by a bus in Seattle. I was teetering on the curb waiting for the walk signal, and my co-worker grabbed my collar and pulled me backwards as a bus passed by—like 14 inches away going at least 20 mph. I didn’t even see it before he grabbed my collar. I don’t stand on the actual curb edge anymore.

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