How to test a random number generator

Random number generators are challenging to test.

  • The output is supposed to be unpredictable, so how do you know when the generator working correctly?
  • Your tests will fail occasionally, but how do you decide whether they’re failing too often?
  • What kinds of errors are most common when writing random number generation software?

These are some of the questions I address in Chapter 10 of Beautiful Testing.

The book is now in stock at Amazon. It is supposed to be in book stores by Friday. All profits from Beautiful Testing go to Nothing But Nets, a project to distribute anti-malarial bed nets.

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2 thoughts on “How to test a random number generator

  1. What a great subject!!!

    (And closely related to a current interest of mine… random hashing…)

    Lucky you to contribute to such a great book. I envy you.

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