Top five Code Project articles

Here are the five most popular articles I’ve written for Code Project.

  1. Simple random number generation
  2. Five tips for floating point programming
  3. Pitfalls in random number generation
  4. Fast numerical integration
  5. Avoiding overflow, underflow, and loss of precision
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4 comments on “Top five Code Project articles
  1. SteveBrooklineMA says:

    Very nice! I’d never heard of Tanh-sinh quadrature before, and the other articles are interesting as well.

    I poked around the Code Project site a bit. It doesn’t seem to have much in the area of what I would call “scientific computing.” Is that your impression as well?

  2. John says:

    You are correct. My articles are not typical of Code Project.

  3. SteveBrooklineMA says:

    I see. Do you know of a similar type of site with a scientific computing focus?

  4. John says:

    No, I don’t know of anything like that.

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