Giveaway: PowerShell in Depth

About a month ago I gave away a copy of Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches that Manning provided. Now I’m giving away a copy of PowerShell in Depth: An administrator’s guide by Don Jones, Richard Siddaway, and Jeffery Hicks.

To enter the drawing, please leave a comment below. I’ll draw a winner from the comments received by the end of the day Monday, July 30 in my time zone.

This book is part of Manning’s early release program. The winner will receive the current version of the book in electronic form and updates as they come out.

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71 comments on “Giveaway: PowerShell in Depth
  1. mike says:

    Learning Powershell in depth would be great!

  2. Geff Chang says:

    Certainly looking forward to having PowerShell in mu skillsets.

  3. Wolfgang Schell says:

    I would also like to get the book! Thanks.

  4. Started using Powershell a month ago. Object orientation was a bit daunting at first – but, now, I’m not looking back. VB/JScript/WSH – phah!

  5. Anand says:

    What a timing!?! I was planning to search for a book on powershell at the library. It will be very useful to have in my desk.

  6. Craig says:

    Only been scratching the surface…. time to jump in the deep end!

  7. Niall says:

    Nice prize, would be a good read.

  8. Patrick Kelly says:

    Looks like a very useful book on a subject I need to learn more about.

  9. Joshua Drake says:

    Looking forward to extending my PowerShell knowledge, even if I don’t get picked.

  10. Mark says:

    Pick me! A colleague that just left the company wrote stuff in Powershell we’re supposed to maintain. :-)

  11. Khameel says:

    Wishing to take my PowerShell knowledge to the next level.

  12. Vegar says:

    Count me in!

  13. Wayne says:

    Would love to have a copy. Pre-congrats to the winner!

  14. tom tan says:

    Now that it’s an ebook. I really want to try my luck here from China.

  15. Gabi J says:

    Awesome! I love giveaways! Hope I get lucky!

  16. Brian Dunbar says:

    This is an insightful comment about powershell.

    This is a rebuttal to a comment above.

    This is a bon mot.

  17. Neil grant says:

    Just finished a month of lunches do this would be a cracking next step!!!

  18. Mark Durst says:

    Look forward to this book.

  19. Frocoder says:

    RE with Powershell? Great! Want to learn. Need that book!

  20. Ved Prakash says:

    Powershell in Depth..means fun and learning in Depth…A Must Have

  21. DexterPOSH says:

    Thank You John…for giving me this book.

    Lot of Learning ahead.. :)

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