Giveaway: PowerShell in Depth

About a month ago I gave away a copy of Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches that Manning provided. Now I’m giving away a copy of PowerShell in Depth: An administrator’s guide by Don Jones, Richard Siddaway, and Jeffery Hicks.

To enter the drawing, please leave a comment below. I’ll draw a winner from the comments received by the end of the day Monday, July 30 in my time zone.

This book is part of Manning’s early release program. The winner will receive the current version of the book in electronic form and updates as they come out.

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71 thoughts on “Giveaway: PowerShell in Depth

  1. Yes please! I’ve started playing with powershell recently and could use some help.

  2. After talking to the guy rolling out our new SharePoint server, looks like PowerShell is something I’ll need to dig into.

  3. J. Perry Stonne

    One of the overlooked “power tools” you can plug into Powershell is Regular Expressions. Having a chapter on them in this book makes it a must buy.

  4. I’ve never used PowerShell, but it sounds like it could be very useful. I’d love to win this, thanks!

  5. Powershell is actually a great abstraction over Win32 – maybe thats why it is not supported on Win8 Metro mode. Definitely on my TODO list of things to master – Keen to win this ebook!

  6. Manning puts out great books — PowerShell in Action is the best tech book I’ve ever read.

  7. I’ve been meaning to learn Powershell for a while now. This looks like a good book to kickstart the process.

  8. Nice Gesture. Powershell is on my list of tools to explore. I did purchase the 30 days book and this one will complement that.

  9. Honestly, I’d probably never read this at the moment anyway, but a contest is a contest! Also just wanted to say that I love this blog in general. The range of content is great, and it’s nice to see so little negativity. Thanks for taking time to write for free to the masses.

  10. Looking forward to getting the book, either via winning it or purchasing it once released.

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