Singular Value Consulting, LLC

The name of my business is Singular Value Consulting, LLC.

Math people may catch the allusion to singular value decomposition (SVD). I hope that non-math folks will interpret “singular value” to mean something like “singularly valuable.”

One way to think of an SVD is a pair of coordinate systems that give a linear transformation the simplest representation. So metaphorically, SVD is getting to the core of a problem and producing a simple solution.

For some less serious mathematical company names, see this list.

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3 comments on “Singular Value Consulting, LLC
  1. The dog whistle company name. A generic (and positive) message for the masses. A secret (and positive in a more specific and interesting way) message for a targeted subgroup.

  2. Josh Hemann says:

    Great name. I have always loved “totally unimodular” as a name. It’s like southern California met math.

  3. shabby c. says:

    This is an infinitely better name than ‘Null Value Consulting’!