Introduction to Mac for Windows developers

Here are a couple podcasts introducing Windows developers to software development on the Macintosh.

Scott Hanselman: What’s it like for Mac Developers, an nterview with Steven Frank

.NET Rocks: Miguel de Icaza and Geoff Norton on Mono, mostly about .NET development on the Mac

Also, there are a lot of Mac-related talks on the GeekCruise podcast. The talks from January 2007 were directed at a general audience new to the Mac.

Hanselman’s podcast talks about some of the cultural difference between Microsoft and Apple customers. For example, Mac users update their OS more often and complain less about OS changes that break software.

One thought on “Introduction to Mac for Windows developers

  1. I use both OSs regularly and probably have a very slight preference for the Mac. However, I gotta say… it astonishes me how many Mac users insist that if it’s Mac, it must be intrinsically better. It’s as if they believe their decision to use Mac will be subject to attack if they admit the OS is flawed in any way.

    The classic (hypothetical) Mac user’s comment: “Well, my new OS upgrade crashes every time I hit the tab key… which has made me realize how it’s so much simpler and cleaner to use the space button for formatting. Brilliant design choice, Apple!”

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