You have a website?

I was talking to my wife about my website last night. One my daughters interrupted with “You have a website?!” Then one of her sisters put things in perspective. “Yeah, but it doesn’t have any games.”

4 thoughts on “You have a website?

  1. Ha ha. How old are they?

    My girls weren’t too impressed that Dad had a web site, until recently. Now they’re in college (and beyond), and they understand that the web site drives the business, which covers tuition.

    Then one daughter called to tell me about her friend Hannah. Seems in a phone interview Hannah told the interviewer that sure, she knows Excel, and sure, she’s good at pivot tables. So she hunted for Excel pivot table tutorials on the internet. “And Dad, she learned what she needed on your site!”

    So I’m still not cool, but I’m okay.

  2. You are likely familiar with the site club penguin. The story is that three dads started the site to amuse their kids. The site was later sold to Disney for $350 million. Your daughter instants may be on target.

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