Recap of the Robert Martin/Joel Spolsky brouhaha

Here’s a timeline of the controversy between Robert Martin and Joel Spolsky.

  1. Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin speaks about SOLID design principles on Scott Hanselman’s podcast #145.
  2. Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood say some negative things about Uncle Bob and his SOLID principles on their StackOverflow podcast #38 (transcript).
  3. Uncle Bob reacts on his blog.
  4. Joel and Jeff have Uncle Bob as a guest on their podcast #41 (transcript) and Joel apologizes for getting too personal.
  5. Scott Hanselman has Uncle Bob back on his podcast #150.

The discussion got a little heated in the middle, but it all seems to have settled down.

In Scott’s latest podcast, Uncle Bob reviews the whole controversy briefly but spends most of his time talking about professionalism and how to train software developers.

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