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It’s difficult to use SciPy from IronPython because much of SciPy is implemented in C rather than in Python itself. I wrote an article on CodeProject summarizing some things I’d learned about using Python modules with IronPython. (Many thanks to folks who left helpful comments here and answered my questions on StackOverflow.) The article gives stand-alone code for computing normal probabilities and explains why I wrote my own code rather than using SciPy.

Here’s the article: Computing Normal Probabilities in IronPython

Here’s some more stand-alone Python code for computing mathematical functions and generating random numbers. The code should work in Python 2.5, Python 3.0, and IronPython.

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4 thoughts on “IronPython article on CodeProject

  1. Have you seen Resolver Systems’ recent work with numpy in Resolver One based on their IronClad open source project? I understand you might be cautious about engaging with the IronPython world, but IronClad really does seem to help. I don’t know how far it is from supporting all of scipy, though …

  2. Thanks, Steve. I linked to IronClad in my previous IronPython post. I thought I had mentioned them in the CodeProject article, but it looks like I did not. This was an oversight. IronClad sounds very promising.

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