Best podcast intro music

Here are three of my favorite podcast intro themes.

.NET Rocks by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell.

Carl Franklin composed the intro theme, Toy Boy, and recorded the song with his brother Jay. The tune is catchy, the words are clever, and Carl’s a great musician. Richard and Carl talk over the intro, but you can hear these odd phrases poking out, such as “got a transmitter banned by the FCC.” After listening to the podcast for a while, I decided I had to find the theme song and listen to Toy Boy without the voice overs. Here’s more music by Carl Franklin.

Hanselminutes by Scott Hanselman.

The theme song is just a short loop, but it’s fun music. I wrote Scott a note asking him about the intro. I was hoping the loop taken from a longer song I could buy somewhere and thought I’d like to find more music by the same composer. Scott said that his theme song was written for his podcast by Carl Franklin. I was surprised that Carl came up again, but this isn’t totally unexpected since Carl’s company Pwop Productions produces Hanselminutes.

Accidental Creative by Todd Henry.

The theme song is My City In HealingĀ  from A Slave Left Dreaming by Joshua Seurkamp. The song is a blend of Eastern and Western music, appropriate for a podcast that emphasizes creatively combining ideas.

I also wanted to mention the theme from the Science Magazine podcast. It’s not music I particularly enjoy listening to, but it is written in 5/4 time, something that has come up for discussion on this blog.

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