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Driving through New England a few weeks ago, I was surprised at how many Dunkin’ Donuts there were. According the store locator on the DD website, there are 294 stores within a 10 mile radius of the 02134 zip code in Boston. (I picked that zip code because I remember it from the Zoom address song.)

There are only two DD locations within a 10 mile radius of my office in Houston, and only five within a 50 mile radius. However, I’ve heard a rumor that more DD stores are coming to Houston.

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Update (August 1, 2010): The rumors of Dunkin’ Donuts opening new Houston locations were false. In fact, DD has closed Houston locations. There are now no DD’s within 10 miles of my office and only three within 50 miles.

Update (October 26, 2020): There are a lot of Dunkin’ Donuts in Houston. I don’t recall when they opened the new stores. Sometime between 2010 and 2020.

7 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Donuts

  1. John,

    Kathi and I lived in the Boston area for 4 months one fall and I became a Dunkin Donut addict. At that time they had a cake like stick called a cruller or kruller or crueller? To die for. Their coffee was good. If you asked for cream and sugar you got one third coffee and one third cream and one third sugar.


    PS. This is quite an unusal blog entry for John Cook!

  2. My challenge to you:

    Go around to a few coffee place. Take the coffee with milk, but no sugar.

    It is very important to taste the coffee without sugar, because adding sugar tends to iron out the faults in the coffee such as acidity and so on. (Tasting wine while adding sugar to it is similarly insane.)

    Do the experiment, fairly and without prejudice. Then tell me what you think about DD’s coffee.

  3. They started in Quincy, MA (near Boston). MA is their home-turf. Try finding a starbucks or a crispycream.

  4. John,

    I have enjoyed many of your posts, and finally found one I can comment on!

    After living in MA for 6 years, we joked all the time about the DD on every corner. Several years later, I was on a small turbo prop plane filled with people from Boston going to central Pennsylvania. Part way through the flight they started making their plans for after we landed, starting with a trip to DD. The next 15 minutes or so I tried to convince them that they might not find a single DD in the area, but they did not believe me. It was good natured, and we had fun for the rest of the trip talking about other topics.


  5. We used to have more Dunkin Donuts when I was in college. Then after a while all of the ones that I knew about disappeared. I assumed that it was one of those periodic retrenchments that companies make.
    (I miss the Krispy Kreme donuts. Fortunately, there’s still a store near my parents house in Birmingham, so I can get some when I visit them.)

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