Twitter feeds to help with New Year’s resolutions

I have four Twitter accounts that send out one tip per day. One of these might help you with a New Year’s resolution. If you don’t use Twitter, you can follow these Twitter accounts by subscribing to their RSS feeds. [Update: Twitter really doesn’t want to you to use RSS. I’ve posted a couple times on how to subscribe to Twitter via RSS, and the solutions break over time. I’ve given up.]

Windows keyboard shortcuts

If  you’d like to become more efficient in using Windows, and reduce your chances of repetitive stress injury, you may want to use your keyboard more and your mouse less. SansMouse is a Twitter account that sends out one keyboard shortcut per day.

Regular expressions

If you’ve intended to learn regular expressions but haven’t made the time, you might want to follow RegexTip for one tip per day about regular expressions. I focus on the features common to Perl, Python, C#, JavaScript, etc. I also have some tips coming up with language-specific tips.


I have two mathematical Twitter accounts. These might be useful if you want to review math courses you took a long time ago or if you want a preview of math you might need in the future. Both are eclectic, mixing elementary and advanced topics.

ProbFact sends out one probability fact per day, mostly theorems but sometimes notes on applications.

I just started AnalysisFact a couple days ago. It will cover a wide range of topics from real and complex analysis. AnalysisFact will have a wider range of sophistication than ProbFact, mixing undergraduate and graduate level material.

Update (31 December 2011): Over the last year I’ve added three mathematical Twitter accounts:

I’ve also added two computing accounts:


Here are the Twitter accounts:

* * *

New Year’s links

Here are a couple posts from Jon Swanson:

8 ways to end the year
Leave it in 2008 (Just mentally change the “8” to a “9” when you read it.)

And here is a good post from Jurgen Appelo:

Checklist for goals and resolutions.

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  1. Happy New Year to you, John. I admire you and your site so much. I have had nothing to do with Twitter until you started posting there. Now I’m a subscriber. Your writings on math and statistics, particularly Bayesian statistics, are an inspiration. Thanks for a terrific 2009. I’m looking forward to more great things from you in 2010. Sincerely,

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