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I have five Twitter accounts that send out one tip per day, including a new one I just added last week.

Regular expressions

@RegexTip started over today. It’s a cycle of tips for learning regular expressions. It sticks to the regular expression features common to Python, Perl, C#, and many other programming languages. This account posts Monday through Friday.

Keyboard shortcuts

@SansMouse gives one tip a day on using Windows without a mouse. By practicing one keyboard shortcut a day, you can get into the habit of using your mouse less and your keyboard more. This cycle of tips started over January 29 with the most common and most widely useful shortcuts. I’m also sprinkling in a few extra tips that are less well known. This account also posts Monday through Friday.


I have three mathematical accounts. These post seven days a week.

@AlgebraFact, just started February 2. It will be a mixture of linear algebra, number theory, group theory, etc.

@ProbFact gives one fact per day from probability. Usually these facts are theorems, but sometimes they include a note on history or applications.

@AnalysisFact gives facts from real and complex analysis. The topics range from elementary to advanced.

What if I don’t use Twitter?

You can visit the page for a Twitter account just like any other web page. And every Twitter account has an RSS feed link allowing you to subscribe just as you would subscribe to a blog.

How do you write these?

I write up content for these accounts in bulk. I may sit down on a Saturday and come up with several weeks worth of tips. Then I use HootSuite to schedule the tips weeks in advance. Sometimes I’ll post something spontaneously, such as link to something relevant, but most of the work is done in advance. I use my personal Twitter account for live interaction.

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