Now easier to read on mobile devices

I installed a plug-in that I hope makes the blog easier to read on mobile devices.

So far I’ve heard it works well on the iPhone. As far as I can tell the plug-in doesn’t interfere with any desktop browsers. If you have any feedback, please let me know.

Here’s a screen shot of the home page from the Opera Mini Simulator:

Update: Here’s a screen shot of this post on an iPhone 3G thanks to Mpdreamz:

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7 thoughts on “Now easier to read on mobile devices

  1. Looks great on my Blackberry. Unfortunately I have to go through a few layers on the Google Mobile App to see it this way.

  2. apologies for the spam – Since I usually view through Google Mobile, I pulled up some other sites directly in my BB as a test. Your blog now displays in a larger than usual font – large enough for me to read without reading glasses. Nice.

  3. Unfortunately, my mobile plug-in conflicts with my caching plug-in. Caching effectively negates the mobile theme. I may have to turn off mobile support until I can resolve the conflict.

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