4 thoughts on “Forced to be simple

  1. this is why a 10-minute elevator pitch can be more rewarding to develop than a 90-minute presentation. With all the bullshit stripped away, you are forced to contend with the crux: why should anyone care what I’m doing?

  2. I’m a left-handed person that originally learned guitar right-handed. About 25 years ago I broke one of the fingers on my left hand and had a pin put in it. After the operation I didn’t have enough strength to press a string down to the fretboard, but I could hold a pick with my left hand – I decided this was my chance to learn to play left-handed. I could only play simple single note lines at first so was forced to play very simply.
    I could only play a few notes, so I had to pick the good ones – this dramatically improved my phrasing, even after the cast came off and the pin came out and I could play right-handed again.

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