More than sed and awk

I’m going to expand the content of my SedAwkTip twitter account. I’ve covered the most commonly used features of sed and awk, and rather than go into more advanced/obscure features of these languages, I’m going to add tips on other common command line software.

I’ll probably change the name of the account to reflect the new content. I’ll cycle back to sed and awk tips now and then.

Update: I’ve renamed SedAwkTip to UnixToolTip.

The applications I plan to go into ship as part of Linux and OS X, and they’re available for Windows here.

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2 thoughts on “More than sed and awk

  1. human mathematics

    Did not know it’s so easy to use sed & awk on Windows.

    Is there a place on the Web that Windows users can easily find that explains how they can use Strawberry Perl, TeXnic Center, and so on? I remember in my Windows 2000 days I was always frustrated that I apparently needed to switch over to Linux to use what everyone was talking about.

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