Thoughts on the new Windows logo

I appreciate spare design, but the new Windows logo is just boring.

Here’s the rationale for the new logo according to The Windows Blog:

But if you look back to the origins of the logo you see that it really was meant to be a window. “Windows” really is a beautiful metaphor for computing and with the new logo we wanted to celebrate the idea of a window, in perspective. Microsoft and Windows are all about putting technology in people’s hands to empower them to find their own perspectives. And that is what the new logo was meant to be. We did less of a re-design and more to return it to its original meaning and bringing Windows back to its roots – reimagining the Windows logo as just that – a window.

Greg Hewgill had a different perspective:

If you think about it, the new logo sort of looks like deck chairs on the Titanic when it stern was up in the air…

9 thoughts on “Thoughts on the new Windows logo

  1. I like what I’ve seen of the Metro design theme, and maybe the logo works better in that context than it does in isolation.

  2. yeah, it’s boring… and spare… and simple-minded… and pathetic… but, hey, it’s from Microsoft

  3. I think it’s fine, actually — given that Microsoft seems to be going all-in with Metro, it references that design theme nicely. I have one caveat: the window is shown in perspective, yet the framing in the middle does not recede into the distance — it’s the same width front to back. It’s a little thing, but it bothers me — maybe there’s a reason it was done that way, and I just don’t see it…

  4. It’s very, very, very corporate, which seems to be a trend with Windows: The corporate desktop is one of their strongholds, and they’ve historically struggled in less-corporate worlds such as graphic design, independent programmers, and the handheld market.

  5. I liked it. But I cannot miss the oportunity to see different things too: flag of Sweden (trading yellow for white), part of the flag of Greece (with budget problems), two numbers 8 stylized, etc.

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