Follow up on recent posts

Here are a few updates on recent blog posts.

Bicycle skills has been the most popular post of the summer. The title only makes sense after you’ve read the post, so I wondered whether many people would read it.

Changing the way I type has gone well.

  • Although I prefer my new keyboard, I don’t have any difficulty using a standard keyboard when I need to.
  • The space bar on the new keyboard made a lot of noise at first, but it’s quieter now that it has been broken in.
  • Using the Control and Alt keys with the opposite hand of the letter they modify took more effort to get used to than the new keyboard, but this has helped me relax my hands while I type. Modifying the control keys helped me change habits, and so did practicing with Shortcut Foo.

My previous post gave four reasons why more people don’t roast coffee beans. I got lots of interesting comments from people who do roast their own coffee beans, including my favorite from Ben Cutler.

I like my new AeroPress. I’ve experimented with various ways of using it, but I basically follow the instructions that come with it.