8 thoughts on “Test post

  1. Hi John, glad the migration went well. One unfortunate thing about the new format is that the link for comments is at the top instead of the bottom,so after reading the article one has to scroll back up to the top to comment.

  2. I may end up changing the theme. The one I’m using is supposed to be mobile-friendly, but it has several drawbacks.

  3. Theme does seem to have some downsides – blank squares if no avatar set, titles seem a bit big and heavy, and everything (on the main page at least) feels very run together and not distinct. (Also liked your old title/header a little better.) I bet you could just tweak it a little though and improve it a lot, and nothing mentioned above is really that big of a deal, just a little constructive (hopefully!) criticism.

  4. Nice change. +1 for “titles seem a bit big and heavy” though; seems a little dissonant when reading down through, a bit of the feel of having to lean back to read the titles then lean back in for the text…

    And the “Post Comment” button is pretty low contrast :-)

    But these trivia are worth mentioning only because your stuff is worth reading!

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