Consulting update

Here’s a quick update for those who might be interested in what I’m up to.

These days I’m primarily working on two large projects, one that’s mathematical modeling and other that’s data exploration. I also have a couple smaller projects going on, one in software process improvement and another mathematical modeling project.

I really enjoy what I’m doing. I’ve worked on variety of interesting projects, and that’s important to me. And I’m spending less time now looking for work and more time doing work. (You can never stop looking for work, but for now I can afford to spend less time doing so than I did at first.)

3 thoughts on “Consulting update

  1. This is interesting! I love and usually prone to have multiple projects (btw, vs extensive deadlines) but I always has read here and there that this multitasking approach is inefficient, idealistic, and cause of stress and blah blah blah….But I’m agree with you!

  2. Funny, I’m in the exact same boat. We have a good backlog of work so I can be doing it instead of chasing grants. Life is good.

  3. John,

    Your consulting updates are usually interesting and we readers can learn with you or rethink our habits in the light of yours. Thus I think it would be great if you could share with us a little of your daily/monthly routine (work-family-etc balance) and how you manage and work in a lot of projects. For instance, do you work 2 hours in one project, give a break and go to another one? Or do you work in just one project each day?

    Congratulations for your interesting blog!

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