Regular expression resources

Continuing the series of resource posts each Wednesday, this week we have notes on regular expressions:

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One thought on “Regular expression resources

  1. Your Regular Expressions in PowerShell page says that Perl doesn’t have named captures, that is incorrect, it has had them since 5.10.0 which came out 2007-Dec-18. ( Perl5 even supports the Python / PCRE way of declaring named captures. )

    It also has gained (in 5.14.0) the ability to use s///r to indicate that it shouldn’t modify the original string, but to return the modified string instead.

    It has gained the experimental ability (in 5.18.0) to do set operations on character classes.

    You should also say Perl 5 where you just say Perl, as regular expressions in Perl 6 are far more powerful than just about every regular expression engine. It’s like comparing an axe to a chainsaw.

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