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This week’s resource post lists some articles along with source code I’ve posted on CodeProject.


Pitfalls in Random Number Generation includes several lessons learned the hard way.

Simple Random Number Generation is a random number generator written in C# based on George Marsaglia’s WMC algorithm.

Finding probability distribution parameters from percentiles

Numerical computing

Avoiding Overflow, Underflow, and Loss of Precision explains why the most obvious method for evaluating mathematical functions may not work. The article includes C++ source code for evaluating some functions that come up in statistics (particularly logistic regression) that could have problems if naïvely implemented.

An introduction to numerical programming in C#

Five tips for floating point programming gives five of the most important things someone needs to know when working with floating point numbers.

Optimizing a function of one variable with Brent’s method.

Fast numerical integration using the double-exponential transform method. Optimally efficient numerical integration for analytic functions over a finite interval.

Three methods for root-finding in C#

Getting started with the SciPy (Scientific Python) library

Numerical integration with Simpson’s rule

Filling in the gaps: simple interpolation discusses linear interpolation and inverse interpolation, and gives some suggestions for what to do next if linear interpolation isn’t adequate.


Automated Extract and Build from Team System using PowerShell explains a PowerShell script to automatically extract and build Visual Studio projects from Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) version control.

PowerShell Script for Reviewing Text Show to Users is a tool for finding errors in prose displayed to users that might not be exposed during testing.

Monitoring unreliable scheduled tasks describes a simple program for monitoring legacy processes.


Calculating percentiles in memory-bound applications gives an algorithm and C++ code for calculating percentiles of a list too large to fit into memory.

Quick Start for C++ TR1 Regular Expressions answers 10 of the first questions that are likely to come to mind when someone wants to use the new regular expression support in C++.

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