RSS feeds for Twitter accounts

Twitter once provided RSS feeds for all Twitter accounts. They no longer provide this service. However, third parties can create RSS feeds from the content of Twitter accounts. BazQux has done this for my daily tip accounts, so you can subscribe to any of my accounts via RSS using the feeds linked to below.

If you would like to subscribe to more Twitter accounts via RSS, you could subscribe to the BazQux service and create a custom RSS feed for whatever Twitter, Google+, or Facebook accounts you’d like to follow.

3 thoughts on “RSS feeds for Twitter accounts

  1. Thank you for posting this useful tip about creating RSS feeds for Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

  2. Thank you for sharing this useful info and these interesting links. I miss Brian Greene, however. This method works only with working account of BazQux, but I’m a Feedly fan.

  3. Would be nice if the entries in the RSS feed include titles. As it is right now you’d see empty subject titles in some RSS readers.

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