Juggling projects

Yesterday on Twitter I said I was thinking about writing the names of each of my clients and leads on balls so I could literally juggle them. I was only half joking.

I didn’t write my clients and leads on balls, but I did write them on index cards. And it helped a great deal. It’s easier to think about projects when you have physical representations you can easily move around. Moving lines up and down in an org-mode file, or even moving boxes around in 2D in OneNote, doesn’t work as well.

Electronic files are great for storing, editing, and querying ideas. But they’re not the best medium for generating ideas. See Create offline, analyze online. See also Austin Kleon’s idea of having two separate desks, one digital and one analog.

5 thoughts on “Juggling projects

  1. Thanks. I’ll check it out.

    I typically go analog when I’m stressed out, but something like Trello could be useful too.

  2. I used the projects-on-index-cards method for a while. My boss used to make fun of me (in jest), imagining that when I went home, the most exciting part of my day was to rearrange all my cards on the dinner table.

    Index cards become harder when you’re working with multiple people, particularly when not co-located. I’ve migrated to a kanban system, e.g.,


  3. Very interesting proposition!
    I am always on the fence with this one, going from one extreme (whiteboard with markers and notebook with colored pencils) to another (carrying around Wacom Bamboo tablet to be able to quickly sketch and write things)

    I still can’t figure out which one I like more, but there definitely is something with writing things physically on the paper and moving sheets around. I can’t figure out what though, is it something to do with the fact that I’m engaging more senses – or that I grew up studying with physical things.

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