Let go of something every Thursday

I heard of someone [1] who had a commitment to let go of something every Thursday. I don’t know anything about how they carried that out. It could mean throwing out or donating to charity a physical object each Thursday. Or maybe it could be handing over a responsibility or letting go of an ambition. It could be a combination, such as getting rid of an object that is a reminder of something intangible that you want to let go of.

This may mean reducing your total inventory of objects or obligations, or it could be simply turnover, making room for new things.

Getting rid of an obligation is not necessarily irresponsible, nor is letting go of an ambition necessarily lazy. Letting go of one obligation to take on another could be very responsible. Letting go of one ambition to pursue another could be a lot of work.

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[1] When I wrote this post I couldn’t remember who this was. I recalled later that it was Bob Goff.

3 thoughts on “Let go of something every Thursday

  1. Zoltan Sebestyen

    Is that some kind of New Year’s resolution? Btw I couldn’t agree more, we tend to have too many objects, habits taking up our time.

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