An alphamagic square

British engineer Lee Sallows came up with the following unusual magic square.

[[5,22,18], [28, 15, 2', [12,8,25]]

If you spell out the English name of each number

then replace the contents of each cell with the number of letters inside

[[4,9,8], [11,7,3], [6,5,10]]

you get another magic square!

Update: Here are a couple alphamagic squares in Spanish and more in French.

One thought on “An alphamagic square

  1. You are on my right margin since, approximately, mid 2015 – one of the main reasons I subscribed to your blog are entries like this. If you don’t mind, I’m going to translate this entry into my home tongue and put it on my blog sometime soon. Well, to be 100% honest, if you DO mind it won’t change a thing ;) But seriously, thanks for stuff like this. And have a good day (or night or whatever time is where you are right now)

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