Ways to connect

If you visit this blog once in a while, here are a few ways to hear from me more regularly.


You can subscribe to the blog via RSS or email.

I often use SVG images because they look great on a variety of devices, but most email clients won’t display that format. If you subscribe by email, there’s always a link to open the article in a browser and see all the images.

I also have a monthly newsletter. It highlights the most popular posts of the month and usually includes a few words about what I’ve been up to.


I have 17 Twitter accounts that post daily on some topic and one personal account.

Twitter icons

The three most popular are CompSciFact, AlgebraFact, and ProbFact. These accounts are a little broader than the names imply. For example, if I run across something that doesn’t fall neatly into another mathematical category, I’ll post it to AlgebraFact. Miscellaneous applied math tends to end up on AnalysisFact.

You can find a list of all accounts and their descriptions here.

I don’t keep up with replies to my topical accounts, but I usually look at replies to my personal account. If you want to be sure I get your message, please call or send me email.

Occasionally people ask whether there’s a team of people behind my Twitter accounts. Nope. Just me. I delegate other parts of my business, but not Twitter. I schedule most of the technical account tweets in advance, but I write them. My personal account is mostly spontaneous.

Contact info

Here’s my contact info.

contact info

My phone number isn’t on there. It’s 832.422.8646. If you’d like, you can import my contact info as a vCard or use the QR code below.