Doing well

The first time I went a few days without blogging, someone sent me a concerned email asking whether I was OK. And in case anyone has had similar thoughts this week, I’m doing well.

I’m busy, though my rate of blogging is fairly independent of how busy I am. Sometimes being busy gives me lots of ideas of things to blog about.

Many small businesses have been crushed this year, but I’m grateful that my business has grown despite current events. For now I have all the work I care to do, and a promising stream of projects in the pipeline. Of course things could change suddenly, but ever was it so.

On a more personal note, my family is also doing well and growing. My daughter is getting married soon. It will be a small wedding with live streaming, quite different from our latest family wedding but we’re looking forward to it just as much.

4 thoughts on “Doing well

  1. You know people are paying attention to your blog when readers start wondering about your health when your blog post frequency goes down, which I think is awesome :-)

    Glad to hear you and yours are well, safe, and happy. And congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming nuptials.

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