Remove algorithmic filters from what you read

I typically announce new blog posts from my most relevant twitter account: data science from @DataSciFact, algebra and miscellaneous math from @AlgebraFact, TeX and typography from @TeXtip, etc.

If you’d like to be sure that you’re notified of each post, regardless of what algorithms Twitter applies to your feed, you can subscribe to this blog via email or RSS.

RSS and email logos

If you subscribe via email you’ll see each post in your RSS stream as it is published. If you subscribe by email you’ll get one email each day around 11:00 AM Central Time.

You can also get an email once a month with highlights from the blog.

If you’d like to follow one or more of my Twitter accounts without going through Twitter, you can subscribe via RSS using BazQuz.


I highly recommend RSS in general. It’s a simple way to keep up with what you choose to keep up with, unfiltered by any corporate algorithms. To get started with RSS, you need an RSS client. There are many to choose from. I use Inoreader.

Your RSS client will probably be able to find the RSS feed of a site from its URL. If not, you can usually find the RSS feed of a site by appending /rss or /feed to its URL. Or look for the orange icon above.

5 thoughts on “Remove algorithmic filters from what you read

  1. RSS is a champion. I subscribe to well over 200 blogs and I couldn’t stand some “smart” algorithm telling me what I should or shouldn’t read.

  2. The Old Reader works great for me too, but it does not support feeds from Twitter! I didn’t even knew that was possible.

  3. RSS works every single time (but I double dip by subscribing to email newsletter to make sure I catch every article). Thank you for all your effort in producing superb content.

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