The cobbler’s son

There’s an old saying “The cobbler’s son has no shoes.” It’s generally taken to mean that we can neglect to do for ourselves something we do for other people.

I’ve been writing a few scripts for my personal use, things I’ve long intended to do but only recently got around to doing.

I said something about this and someone pointed out that what I said rhymed. With a little editing I turned this into a little couplet:

The cobbler’s son is getting some shoes:
Writing some scripts for myself to use.

I won’t be blogging about my scripts because they’re not interesting. As I commented here, really useful productivity tools are not interesting to a wide audience precisely because they’re so specialized.

2 thoughts on “The cobbler’s son

  1. I have a trap I have often fallen into, and still do. I write a script to do something useful in the moment, and then I forget where I saved it, and/or I neglect to comment the code so that it’s clear what it does and why I needed it. In the past few years I’ve tried hard to be much better disciplined about this, and while it takes time effort it does pay off. And you feel slightly better about all these random fragments! :-)

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