PhD experts in math, statistics, and computer science

Sometimes you need an expert with a PhD, either because a problem requires deep expertise or because you need the credibility that a PhD provides. Maybe you need someone to review a proposal or write up an expert opinion for a judge. Maybe you need a fresh pair of eyes to get a project unstuck. Whatever your reasons, we can help you out.

We have PhD degrees in applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science and decades of experience, both in universities and in industry.

Let us know how we can help you.

John D. Cook John Cook. Applied mathematics and statistics, PhD, University of Texas. More here.
Mark Durst Mark Durst. Applied mathematics and statistics, PhD, MIT.
Luke Hutchison Luke Hutchison. Computer science and computational biology, PhD, MIT.
Dominic Steinitz Dominic Steinitz. Computer science, PhD Kingston University.


Trusted consultants to some of the world’s leading companies

Amazon, Facebook, Google, US Army Corp of Engineers, Amgen, Microsoft, Hitachi Data Systems