Shorter URLs by using Unicode is a service like and others that shorten URLs. However, unlike similar services, uses Unicode characters, allowing it to encode more possibilities into each character. These sub-compact URLs may contain Chinese characters, for example, or other symbols unfamiliar to many users. They’re no good for reading aloud, say over the phone or on a podcast. But they’re ideal for Twitter because you only have to click on the link, not type it into a browser.

Here’s a URL I got when I tried the site:

screen shot from

The resulting URL may not display correctly in your browser depending on what fonts you have installed: http://➡.ws/㣸.

I pasted the URL into Microsoft Word and used Alt-x to see what the Unicode characters were. (See Three ways to enter Unicode characters in Windows.) The arrow is code point U+27A1 and the final character is code point U+38F8. I have no idea what that character means. I would appreciate someone letting me know in the comments.

Unicode character U=38F8

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4 thoughts on “Shorter URLs by using Unicode

  1. Apparently U+38F8 is an obscure character. Two Chinese friends have told me they don’t recognize it. One suggested it may have something to do with work. I assume the character is at least inoffensive.

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