Comet dust looks like asteroid dust

Until quite recently, astronomers thought that comets formed in the outer reaches of the solar system and then were drawn into highly elliptical orbits that pass near the sun. But samples collected from comet Wild 2 look more like they came from the inner solar system like asteroids. Maybe the outer solar system is more like the inner solar system, or maybe comets didn’t form where we thought they did.

For more details, listen to yesterday’s 60-Second Science podcast or read the Science Magazine article [link rotted] the podcast is based on.

2 thoughts on “Comet dust looks like asteroid dust

  1. Indeed. Our scientists cant even get the moon right… and yet they purport to know anything about suns or stars or galaxies at a distance. Big bang? All their theories have the added benefit to them of being completely unverifiable.

  2. Science is supposed to be falsifiable, repeatable, etc. Otherwise it counts as mere hypothesis, and not as theory. Many so-called theories adopted in science to date dont meet the requirements. And many others rely on imprecise data. Consistency does not imply validity. Why is it in statistics we use results to draw conclusions about the theory? Isnt that a case of Affirming the Consequence fallacy being adopted and integrated and applied in empirical reasoning as though it were an accepted standard?

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