How to put PDF properties in a LaTeX file

My previous post described how to put links in a PDF file generated from LaTeX. The hyperref package that lets you include links also lets you to set PDF document properties. I’ve been using Adobe Acrobat to do this after creating my PDF file with pdflatex, but that’s unnecessary. Here’s how to put the PDF properties directly in the LaTeX file. Add something like this

    pdfauthor={John Hancock},
    pdfsubject={Some subject},
    pdftitle={Sample document},
    pdfkeywords={LaTeX, PDF, hyperlinks}

after the \usepackage{hyperref} instruction at the top of your file.

7 thoughts on “How to put PDF properties in a LaTeX file

  1. How can I use the author and title definitions from the author{…} and title{…} commands? This would make my life easier.

  2. @jeremy

    You can use own defined variables

    newcommand{ownauthor}{the author}

    And everytime you call own author you get the set Author name in the new command command.

  3. Any way to set file permission eg. print, password, etc. via LaTEX. Pardon me if this is a silly question. Cheers!

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