Spell checking from Python

I needed to find a spell checker I could call from Python, so I did a Google search and ran across GNU aspell. I tried installing it but got contradictory warning messages: aspell not installed, aspell already installed, etc. Then I remembered what an awful time I’d had before when I’d tried to use aspell and gave up.

Next I tried Ryan Kelly’s PyEnchant and it worked like a charm. I downloaded the installer for Windows and ran it. Then I opened up a Python console and typed an example following the online tutorial.

>>> import enchant
>>> d = enchant.Dict("en_US")
>>> d.check("Potatoe")
>>> d.check("Potato")

It just works.

3 thoughts on “Spell checking from Python

  1. There seems to be a problem with that program getting things backward. I don’t think I would truste it.

    — Dan Quayle

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