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It looks as though the Carnival of Mathematics is dead. The Blog Carnival site says “It appears that this carnival is no longer accepting submissions.” I may have had the honor of hosting the last Carnival of Mathematics unless the carnival is resurrected.

But there’s a new carnival in town, one devoted to math education. The fifth edition of the Math Teachers at Play carnival was posted this morning, hosted at Let’s Play Math.

By the way, I also wanted to mention the previous blog post on Let’s Play Math. Denise links to a TED presentation by Robert Lang on origami and math. She pulls out this quote from the talk:

The secret to productivity in so many fields … is letting dead people do your work for you. … take your problem and turn it into a problem that someone else has solved and use their solutions.

Update: According to Jason’s comment below, rumors of the death of Carnival of Mathematics have been greatly exaggerated.

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