Blogging about reproducible research

I’m in the process of folding into the new site. I will be giving the .org domain name to the folks now running the .net site. (See the announcement for a little more information.)

As part of this process, I’m winding down the blog that I started last July as part of the site. I plan to keep the links to my old posts valid, but I do not know whether the new site will have a new blog. I wrote about reproducible research on this blog before starting the site, and I will go back to writing about reproducible research here. (See reproducibility in the tag cloud.)

I wanted to point out an article by Steve Eddins posted this morning: Reproducible research in signal processing. His article comments on the article by Patrick Vandewalle, Jelena Kovačević, and Martin Vetterli announced recently on

Readers interested in reproducible research may also want to take a look at the Science in the open blog.

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