Why the horse in Magician’s Nephew is named Fledge

In C. S. Lewis’ book The Magician’s Nephew, the horse Strawberry becomes Fledge, the father of winged horses. It didn’t occur to me until today why Lewis chose that name. I just thought it was an odd, arbitrary choice.

This morning I saw something that referred to a bird as unfledged which made me suspect the base “fledge” had something to do with flight, which it does. I knew the word fledgling—a bird just beginning to fly—but I had not made the connection between fledglings and Fledge.

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One thought on “Why the horse in Magician’s Nephew is named Fledge

  1. I was never prouder than (on the second listen-through of the books-on-tape) when my 5 year old made that connection all by herself. I had certainly never done it… but creative minds and all…

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