New Twitter account: CompSciFact

Next week I’m starting @CompSciFact. This Twitter account will post one fact from computer science per day, Monday through Friday. I’ll also have a few unscheduled posts from time to time. (I announced @StatFact earlier today. There are no more announcements coming! I don’t plan to start any more Twitter accounts any time soon.)

The account may change over time in response to your feedback, but what I have in mind for now is keeping the scheduled facts theoretical: analysis of algorithms, grammars, computability, etc. The unscheduled posts may be less theoretical but at least somewhat related to computer science.

I’m using a “big-Oh” symbol as the image for CompSciFact since a big part of computer science is determining the asymptotic order of the runtime of an algorithm.

I have several other daily tip accounts. @RegexTip and @TeXtip are the ones most closely related to computer science. I also have several mathematical accounts: @AlgebraFact, @AnalysisFact, @ProbFact, @TopologyFact, and also starting next week, @StatFact. For more details about these accounts, please see the FAQ.

3 thoughts on “New Twitter account: CompSciFact

  1. It’S not a brief-enough topic for a tweet, perhaps, but I’m sure I’m not alone in my interest in recommended paths toward learning algorithmic design. There are several books that appear well-regarded, but should one first become well-versed in combinatorics? Answers to questions like that may prove widely appealing–or maybe just for me. +)

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