New Twitter account: StatFact

I’m starting a new daily tip account on Twitter. @StatFact will post one statement from statistics per day, drawing from Bayesian and frequentist statistics. Like my other daily tip accounts, StatFact will post Monday through Friday on a regular schedule with a few unscheduled tweets sprinkled in occasionally.

I’m using a product sign as the symbol for StatFact.


I thought the product sign might suggest a likelihood function. The most obvious symbol for a statistics account would be a bell curve, but that’s been overused.

If you’re interested in StatFact, here are some things you could do.

  • Tell friends about StatFact.
  • Suggest topics, or even better, specific tweets.
  • Propose a better icon.
  • Let me know if I say anything ambiguous or wrong.

To find out about my other daily tip accounts, please see the FAQ post.

One thought on “New Twitter account: StatFact

  1. @StatFact Suggestion: The Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test can have greater asymptotic relative efficiency (ASE) than the T-test for heavy-tailed distributions (like the Logistic).

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