How to subscribe to a Twitter account via RSS

Update: This post is obsolete because Twitter ended their RSS support in June 2013.

You can subscribe to any of my Twitter accounts using the RSS feeds listed here.

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Twitter has recently made it more difficult to subscribe to accounts via RSS. This article that goes into the details of the problem and offers a solution.

At least for now, you can construct a URL to a Twitter account RSS feed by starting with

and appending the account name. For example,

is the RSS feed for Dave Richeson’s Twitter account @divbyzero.

The following table gives links to RSS feeds for each of my daily tip accounts.

CompSciFact RSS
ProbFact RSS
UnixToolTip RSS
SciPyTip RSS
ShortcutKeyTip RSS
RegexTip RSS
AnalysisFact RSS
AlgebraFact RSS
TopologyFact RSS
TeXtip RSS
StatFact RSS

12 thoughts on “How to subscribe to a Twitter account via RSS

  1. Thanks. Having already subscribed to a few of your tip feeds (in Google Reader), I went to add the new RLangTip feed and couldn’t find an RSS button on the Twitter page. Thought I was having a “senior moment”.

    For what it’s worth, Google Reader users can add Twitter feeds by clicking “Browse for stuff > Search > Stay connected to friends and family”, filling in the feed name and selecting Twitter in the combo box. (Does the “friends and family” part mean I need to send @RLangTip holiday cards?)

  2. Thanks. One day late though: I used commenter #2’s method yesterday for 3 or 4 of these.

  3. None of these methods are working for me in iGoogle. Previous ones that I subscribed to before the button went away still work though. They have the format:, where ####### is some kind of key field for the user. If only I could figure out how to find that key for other twitter fees I want to subscribe to.

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