How to subscribe to a Twitter account via RSS

Update: This post is obsolete because Twitter ended their RSS support in June 2013.

You can subscribe to any of my Twitter accounts using the RSS feeds listed here.

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Twitter has recently made it more difficult to subscribe to accounts via RSS. This article that goes into the details of the problem and offers a solution.

At least for now, you can construct a URL to a Twitter account RSS feed by starting with

and appending the account name. For example,

is the RSS feed for Dave Richeson’s Twitter account @divbyzero.

The following table gives links to RSS feeds for each of my daily tip accounts.


12 thoughts on “How to subscribe to a Twitter account via RSS

  1. Thanks. Having already subscribed to a few of your tip feeds (in Google Reader), I went to add the new RLangTip feed and couldn’t find an RSS button on the Twitter page. Thought I was having a “senior moment”.

    For what it’s worth, Google Reader users can add Twitter feeds by clicking “Browse for stuff > Search > Stay connected to friends and family”, filling in the feed name and selecting Twitter in the combo box. (Does the “friends and family” part mean I need to send @RLangTip holiday cards?)

  2. Thanks. One day late though: I used commenter #2’s method yesterday for 3 or 4 of these.

  3. None of these methods are working for me in iGoogle. Previous ones that I subscribed to before the button went away still work though. They have the format:, where ####### is some kind of key field for the user. If only I could figure out how to find that key for other twitter fees I want to subscribe to.

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