Motion sensor faucet dance

I suggested on Twitter this morning that someone come up with a name for the funny little dance we do when trying to figure out how to make water faucets with motion sensors work. Here are the replies.

Any more ideas?

4 thoughts on “Motion sensor faucet dance

  1. Not one, but TWO winners! Tap Dance and Fauce-a-nova both nail it.

    On a practical note, my intuitively brilliant wife made the discovery that if you just put your hands under the faucet and begin (dry) washing your hands, the sensor does its thing. If you soap up first, that ‘s the way you’re SUPPOSED to wash.

  2. I can’t believe nobody came up with Cancan!
    Also, soap cakewalk? Handango?
    What about bowlero?

  3. Plumb-enco?

    At my work, we have both motion activated faucets and motion activated soap dispensers. The trick is to keep the water going long enough to rinse off without triggering more soap. I’m going to start calling this the scrub-a-dub two-step.

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